Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

Where or Where Have We Been....?

The other day I was so excited to log on and show one of my friends {who hadn't seen any pictures of the house yet} the updated house pictures here on the good ol' blog... until I realized I hadn't updated since November. Oh gosh. I haven't been much better on keeping up with our family blog either. What can I say? Life with two little boys under two point five years of age keeps you busy.

The first week of November we officially moved into our house and life is finally starting to feel normal again. It still all feels really surreal. Living here. Being in this place. I look around and I can picture all these walls before they were even up. I walk on the floors and I remember when all we had was a big hole in the ground. It's hard to put into words what it feels like to live in something you built. Something you designed, something you poured your heart and soul into.

We still have a lot to do on the decoration front. I hardly put up a single decoration for Christmas. We are still in the process of unpacking and I didn't find most of our decorations until after Christmas. So, next year will be the year for that {but it was so wonderful being in our new house for Thanksgiving AND Christmas this year... and we hosted both. Yes, yes we are crazy}. The walls are still bare {for the most part}, the boy's room is still bare except for Porter's bed and the changing table and we have a lot of new furniture pieces yet to be purchased. As I have mentioned before... this is where I struggle. I want to really take my time and do it right. So pictures will come slowly as I make it just how I am picturing it in my head. Which is going to take some sweet time. Not only because I totally struggle in this area but because we are already making a few changes here and there that I have {already....} decided I didn't like.

Now onto some pictures:

Porter was in awe of our tree this year.

See the extent of my decorations? Weak, I know.

That face.

My mom got this for us as a house warming gift. I love it!

Sunset. I could take pictures everyday of just the sky ...

Over holiday break Weston wasn't feeling too hot so we spent many nights rocking into the wee hours of the morning by the fire.

I absolutely love this picture.

Out on a family walk one evening...

Little man was stuck inside with Momma while the big kids play.

I really love the main level wall color we ended up going with. It's the all over main level color except in the bathroom and mudroom.

& I just had to put some pictures of Porter opening up his stocking this year because it was priceless. He was SO cute. We had a great Christmas this year.


One of my goals for 2012 was to be a better blogger... so here we go. I sure hope I can keep up with it. Next time? I will share my beginning plans on turning our home from just a farm house {and some land} into a FARM. I am so excited about this!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday ...

When drawing our house prints and deciding where to place our house on our property Nick knew {from the start} he wanted to be able to see the sunrises from the front side of the house and the sunsets from the backside. This was one that I watched while cleaning up after dinner last week. Crazy, huh?! It looks like a painting!

We had our first snowfall that stuck {but was gone the next day}. The color of our house {red} and the white snow are such a beautiful contrast.

A little reading before bed.

& a new "bigger boy" haircut!

Porter's latest artwork... {all over the changing table, baby monitor, fan in his bedroom, and closet door. Thank goodness for magic erasers!}

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quick Update ...

Just a quick update with a few pictures since I have had a few many  requests for some updated pictures because it's been two weeks {oops!} since I last posted. I have been seriously neglecting both of my blogs. Turns out moving into a new house, trying to unpack, organize, hold parent teacher conferences, and love on your two babies non-stop is pretty time consuming. Who would have thought?

I will be back with a much more detailed post soon {hopefully this weekend!} but until then here are a few pictures of the latest happenings on the farm ...

Porter loves watching the horses. He talks to them.

We put the grills in all the windows. Very farmhouse. I love them.

First meal. On purple plates with green plastic spoons {we still can't seem to find our silver wear...}

Our fireplace in the works...

And all done! I love it.

Someone is pretty excited about the new house! Love.

& just because they are so cute.

Granite was installed...finally!

The porch railing was completed!

Full view of porch/house with the first dusting of snow {since then it's been in the 50's. That was just a tease!}

First fire in the fireplace!

Tile back splash was installed. This is the little nook by the mudroom.

Kitchen. Both pictures were taken before grout. I will take updated pictures this weekend.

Going for a walk down the driveway {1/4 mile one way}. Porter was already off and running ...

Awesome sky on the way back from our walk!

My big boy "posing" for a picture.
All these were taken with my not so great I-phone camera. I will try and get some pictures with my real camera this weekend since these pictures are horrible at showing the real colors of things! I'll be back soon!